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HR Service Community

The benchmarking community "HR Services": Here the best share their knowledge!

More than ever before, HR service managers from medium-sized and large companies are under pressure to prove the performance and competitiveness of their organization and to set the right course for the digital future.The benchmarking community "HR Services" was launched in 2018 by a group of major German companies. The aim of the participants is to be able to validate their own performance against all internal stakeholders and to set the right course for the further development of their own organisation more quickly.


To be able to precisely prove your own performance in all relevant aspects

To be able to make the right decisions for the further development of your own organization more quickly


Precise benchmarking of HR service processes with quality-assured data, a transparent group of participants and an open dialogue on the results

Good solutions

A structured professional exchange: What do the "good guys" do differently from the average? Which concepts do comparable companies pursue? What works, what doesn't? What is planned and what has been rejected again?


The participants usually remain members of the community for several years and build up a close network with their colleagues from comparable companies.