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“Close team work ensures project success” 
Ronja Bauer (consultant) reports on her own experience: 

After the completion of my master’s degree in summer 2012, the search for a job was my next main challenge. All I knew was that I wanted to work for a consulting company specializing in restructuring and with a focus on small to mid-size companies. For this reason, I submitted an unsolicited application with comes Unternehmensberatung. I met many of my future colleagues during the interview, so I had a rough idea of what the company was like. Since then, the preliminary positive impression that I gained during the interview has repeatedly been confirmed. I joined a really great team that works closely together and in which everyone makes their own personal contribution to the success of the project. The teams work in different compositions depending on the problem at hand, the place and the size of the project. That means that as a junior consultant I am able to benefit from the experience and skills of all my colleagues regardless of the office. This diversity means that every project is unique. And no two projects are ever alike thanks to the problem at hand, the nature of the sector in question and regional characteristics. Consequently, I quickly learned what it means to adjust to individual clients and to increasingly assume more responsibility. Our clients are predominantly based in Northern Germany. Depending on the location and the project, this may occasionally necessitate protracted travel by car. By the same token, however, it has the great advantage of meaning that I am mostly able to sleep in my own bed at night rather than in some hotel, as is usually the case in the consulting industry. Looking back, I can say that my decision to join comes was the right one and I am looking forward to a bright future together.

“No one-size-fits-all consulting services”
Hamed Omumi (consultant) reports on his own experience:

Before joining comes, I primarily viewed our task as management consultants to be one of advising companies. After the preliminary projects with my new colleagues, however, I quickly realized that an entirely different philosophy is involved here. Our clients are not just advised but are also accompanied on a broad basis. 
I swiftly became used to the notion of “accompanying companies” as I consider the ideal of providing clients with individual support to be much more appropriate than a “one-size-fits-all” approach. The teams are assembled in accordance with the specific requirements, allowing me and also the client to benefit from the wide range of experience offered by comes Unternehmensberatung. 
The day-to-day routine at consulting companies is frequently characterized by speed and constant change. However, I have found at comes an environment in which I feel at home despite the intensive project work and which also offers me exciting prospects for the future.


“Versatile tasks and broad scope for learning”
Phyllis Otten (intern) reports on her own experience:

I definitely wanted to make use of the opportunity of completing a lengthy internship during the last semester of my bachelor’s degree course. As I repeatedly heard words such as “comprehensive learning field”, “career springboard” as well as “shark tank” and “long working hours” in connection with consulting companies while I was at university, I wanted to acquaint myself with this sector. Ideally, I wanted to work for a company with streamlined structures and a flat hierarchy to gain a better understanding of the day-to-day routine and tasks of consultants and the projects they work on. 
An acquaintance drew my attention to comes Unternehmensberatung. During the interview, there was a professional yet very personal and friendly atmosphere in which I felt very comfortable. I was integrated in the team and the ongoing projects from the very first day. I was able to assist the consultants with their work by performing many different tasks such as sector and competition analyses and internal projects. During my four-month internship, I not only worked on projects at the office but was also able to accompany the consultants to various meetings with clients and thus gain a comprehensive idea of their activities. My expectations with respect to the variety of tasks and the numerous opportunities for learning were fulfilled. However, on the basis of my experience I do not accept the stereotype that working for a consulting company is like being in a shark tank. 
A further particularly attractive aspect of the internship at comes was the fact that two of the partners agreed to assist me with my dissertation. In this way I am able to explore a practical subject and go beyond straight research of the literature to gain fresh information, e.g. through interviews with experts from the comes network. I greatly benefited from my time at comes Unternehmensberatung as I was able to develop both professionally and personally and address new challenges.

“A varied view beyond the confines of my studies”
Julius Jauch (intern) reports on his own experience:

In my search for further practical experience alongside my studies of business administration, I found out about comes Unternehmensberatung. Preliminary research into the company and its philosophies indicated that comes takes a different approach to consulting compared with its peers. This impression was confirmed during the ensuing interview, which I found to be very pleasant. 
The values that were presented and the tasks that I was to perform during my internship aroused my interest.  As a result, I looked forward to gaining a greater insight into comes Unternehmensberatung. 
At the beginning of my internship, I received a friendly welcome and a number of organizational matters were discussed. I was immediately assigned my first tasks and felt quickly at home at the company. I particularly appreciated the approach taken, in which I was free to structure my own activities. I was able to organize my schedule and approach independently. Rather than being assigned operative tasks, I was asked to work on an area in which the company plans to specialize more intensively in the future. I received extensive support and was able to approach any employee if I had any questions. 
Looking back, I can definitely say that the internship brought me forward both personally and professionally. In hindsight, it was the right decision and I can recommend the company to anyone interested in working in management consulting.


"Gaining plenty of working knowledge"
Mark Grube (intern) reports on his own experience:

After finishing university I wanted to gain first experiences in a consultancy in order to learn as much as possible in a short period of time. The internship with comes was ideal for that purpose.

On my first work day I did not go the comes office but directly to a client instead. That in itself says much about working here as an intern: I was involved in a project straight away. New tasks and getting to know the work-flow and different character types at the client's company were inspriring as well as educative. Working in comes' well-situated office with a lovely view of the River Alster was also interesting because I was helping to advance internal projects. On top of that, participating in various events like the Logistics and Science Forum Hamburg 2017 with comes as an exhibitor or the Digitization Workshop with comes as host provided not only an interesting variety of tasks but also left lasting impressions as well as important working knowledge.

I am impressed by the relatively young team at comes. All members of staff have a remarkable work attitude and always think one step ahead. With a pleasant working atmosphere they make sure that everyone feels good at comes and work to the full extent of their capabilities.