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Relevance and maturity check

Relevanz- und Reifecheck

How does digitization affect you – and how well-prepared are you?

Not every enterprise is affected by digitization in the same way and to the same degree. The impact varies with industry, value chain, product and technology.

With a standardised yet individually calibrated methodology we analyse the potential effects of digitization on your company and evaluate them with you.

The basis of our check is a comprehensive catalogue of all issues influenced by digitization in the three focus areas strategy, enterprise architecture and IT. Before the start of each project it is adapted to the value chain and processes of the respective client.

Our emphasis is not just on individual processes and technologies but on the bigger picture of how your business model and strategy are affected by the transformation in progress – and how they may unleash its potential for success. Our structured survey brings to light the opportunities as well as the risks of these change processes.

Relevance: Just how are you affected by digitization?

Not every issue has the same relevance for every company. Hence, we start by assessing the relevance a given field has for your company on a five-point scale:


Maturity: Where do you stand – and where are you headed?

We approach the digitization maturity of your company from two angles:

  • What is your status today?
  • Have you taken steps in your management system to uphold or improve it?

We consider the second aspect crucial for achieving sustainable success in the face of an ever more dynamic environment.

The result is a holistic positioning in the central fields of action for your company, revealing strengths as well as areas for improvement.

Your benefit: Identifying the neccessary fields of action with respect to digitization. Our standardised methodology allows us to carry out this check quickly and efficiently.