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Marketing and sales 4.0

Marketing & Vertrieb 4.0

A market for networkers

B2B or B2C: your customers turn to new ways of obtaining information and products or services. They are better-informed than ever and expect maximal flexibility, convenience and a great deal of autonomy in the sales process. This means they get in touch with you rather late in the decision-making process… if at all.

Hence, companies find it ever harder to influence their customers‘ decision-marking and purchasing processes, relegating them to differentiating themselves through the lowest price or quickest delivery while trying not to get stains on their ever-more-public customer satisfaction track record.

The rules are rewritten

Against this backdrop, time-honoured sales channels and established market roles become dead ends: producers start selling their products themselves, traders turn into marketing agencies and establish own brands, while powerful platforms impose unfavourable conditions on both. As the rules are rewritten, the situation becomes increasingly unclear.

Speed and relationships are the trump cards

From craft enterprises to wholesalers to heavily specialised industry: the winners are those quicker at identifying their clients‘ information-seeking and decision-making behaviour – and more apt at meeting them at the right touchpoints with compelling propositions.

This takes more than the typical central sales channels: to succeed, companies need to be present in relevant contexts well beyond their own media and gain the support of influencers outside their immediate networks to open the doors to promising communities.

With our expert know-how and market-leading tools we reveal where you really meet your customers, how to convince them, what your competitors are up to and how you can cut through the clutter with maximum efficiency.

The biggest challenge: not spreading yourself too thin

The enormous complexity of today’s markets and marketing make it easy to dissipate your energies. Staying focused in your strategy, implementation and budgeting is paramount, for regardless of the pressures it is impossible to pursue everything simultaneously with equal intensity.

We help you with well-grounded analysis to identify the most important levers for sustainable success, making it easier for you to assess the potential of measures and assign resources.

This is not just about right data and performant channels – it is also a question of processes and culture. Your actual output depends on a sufficiently fast and agile eco-system empowered by helpful tools and structures. All the way through this transformation, we are by your side with best practices and creative impulses.